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QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Comparison, Part-2

QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online Comparison

by Allan A. Krist

So you're contemplating converting your QuickBooks data from a desktop version to an on-line version. I can give you information to aid you in making that decision so it will be the correct one for your situation. Just because the two products share the same name, don't assume they have the same features. Each is in a very different phase of its life cycle, they are not the same product!

Not only do they not have the same feature set, many of the features they do share are significantly different from the same-named feature in the other product. It behooves you to be aware of the differences before you commit to the switch.

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QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Comparison, Part-2

Free QuickBooks Health Checkup

Free QuickBooks Health Checkup by Allan A. Krist

Does QuickBooks seem to be running slowly lately?

Has QuickBooks been freezing or even crashing?

Is QuickBooks missing or losing Important Information?

Maybe it's your computer, however more often than not it can be QuickBooks itself. QuickBooks is just like any other program on your computer. It can get out-of-tune, not in the condition it was when you first installed it. File fragments can build-up over time, which can cause the sluggish operation you are experiencing, or worse.

If this sounds like it may be happening to you, we have good news. For a limited time only, is offering a Free QuickBooks Health Checkup. Your Free QuickBooks Health Checkup will include a diagnostic health checkup, evaluation and careful review of the most likely areas to cause you a problem with QuickBooks. In addition we will email a PDF report of our findings from your QuickBooks Health Checkup that will put your mind at ease and more importantly act as a baseline to help solve any problems that may arise in the future.

The normal cost of a QuickBooks Health Checkup is over $150.00, but if you contact Allan Krist now, you can receive yours, absolutely Free. Call, Email or click the link below to request your Free QuickBooks Health Checkup today.

If you feel your QuickBooks may be slowing down lately or even freezing or crashing we have a special offer that will be of interest to you. For a limited time only we are providing a Free QuickBooks Health Checkup. Simply click on the link below to . . .

Request Your Free QuickBooks Health Checkup